Home Care Service Is Not Just About The Client’s Need

Home Care Service Is Not Just About The Client’s Need

Home care service is not all about serving home care needs to clients. The relationship is mutual and thus it must be beneficial to both parties.

Of course, the main reason why engaging into home care service is to get help with the daily chores and other needed care at home. However, we should also take into consideration the needs of the one serving. They are also human beings and that working hardly and constantly like robot is simply inhumane.

Treating home care servers with respect and honor help in long term loyal service. The urge of doing beyond the work of the server will become automatic and natural once trust and love has been established.

When you treat them like a family, they will also return the favor.

Home care workers provide necessary services that allow their patients to live at home. With the portion of the population represented by elderly people growing rapidly, the services of these workers is a valuable alternative to institutionalization. They interact with the patients sometimes in very intimate situations and treat them with compassion and patience. Credits: Home care workers deserve basic rights | The Progressive

I really like how the value of support put into words by an article relating to home care.

Here it is and I quote;

We all need support-we’re human. We rely on each other as well as feed off of each other’s interpersonal relationships. Support is not only a form of caring, coming from others; but it’s also necessary in order to maintain balance in a system. Essentially, it’s assistance needed to enable a function or act. Sometimes it’s easy to forgo any assistance especially for the ‘Do-It-Yourself’ type that may feel like aid is a signal of weakness or failure. However, just like any well-operative machine, we need to be ‘maintained’ in order to function at our highest and most optimum abilities Credits: The value of home care and a support system. | Family Best Care

Furthermore, I would like to give some statistics of home care workers and the common nature of their work.

There are two million home care workers in the United States. They change diapers, administer medications, bathe and dress people and transfer the immobile from one place to another. They also take care of tasks that are mundane annoyances to most of us — doing the dishes, cooking, vacuuming — but that make a world of difference to an elderly or disabled person who hopes to maintain a sense of dignity and security as they age at homeCredits: It’s time to look at how we value home care work – The Conversation

Whether we like it or not, home care service is a business – but this is the type of business that needs a lot of heart and patience. We should treat workers in this industry with utmost respect and dignity. After all, one of these days, we may come face to face with them.


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